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Award Winning AI & Web3 Ecosystem

Enabling NextGen Digital & Mobile Experience

TPS 37.000

L1 Proof of Authority +260 API

Trans. Final < 1.8"


Average cost txn 0.00



Customizable, Modular, Service rich Transfer with transparency, world-class security and user experience. Enjoy unlimited freedom to Pay, Lend, Swap, Bridge, Reward, … and much more.
Image of a Reltime Wallet

Self-Custody Solutions

Full control of your assets and CBDC with Non-Custodial wallet.
Full combability with Reltime Layer 1 and all EVM assets.
image of reltime app, successfull payment

Identity & Metaverse

Connect, Transact, Share and Communicate in real time.
image of Reltime App with identity and metaverse