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Award Winning

AI & Web3 Ecosystem

Enabling NextGen Digital & Mobile Experience


Customizable, Modular, Service rich Transfer with transparency, world-class security and user experience. Enjoy unlimited freedom to Pay, Lend, Swap, Bridge, Reward, … and much more.
Image of a Reltime Wallet

Self-Custody Solutions

Full control of your assets and CBDC with Non-Custodial wallet.
Full combability with Reltime Layer 1 and all EVM assets.
image of reltime app, successfull payment

Identity & Metaverse

Connect, Transact, Share and Communicate in real time.
image of Reltime App with identity and metaverse

Direct Control, No Middleman

Your digital assets remain exclusively yours. Customizable platform helps to ensure regulatory compliance, robust security and strict KYC controls.

Why Reltime?

World’s first fintech to develop the Layer-1 Proof of Authority blockchain platform with widest ecosystem of white-label services - Superapp, identity, wallet, digital banking, payments, cross-border transactions, swap & bridge, and loyalty & reward services and much more.
  • Fasttrack to Web3 

  • Zero-gas fee

  • Reporting dashboard 

  • Flexible business models

  • Service-rich platform

  • Modular & Customizable 

image of the digital currencies on the Reltime App

What Reltime Delivers

Web3 Ecosystem

  • P2P, Joint Accounts

  • Lending and Borrowing

  • Swapping and Bridging

  • Customized Web3 SuperApp

Layer 1 PoA Blockchain

  • dApps & Smart contracts

  • Open APIs

  • Identity embedded in Blockchain

  • Proof of Deposit through partner custodian banks

FastTrack to Web3

  • 3-week program helps customers use Web3  in a time effective way

  • Custom-built SuperApp and wallet

  • Services include - payments, lending, rewards & loyalty, etc. 

  • eKYC, AML, PEP, sanction check lis

What We Do

We support customers to learn and experience Web3 platform and services, use SmartContract and dApps to drive new digital experience and innovations. We guide you to build innovative Web3 services with Blockchain and give structure to your next generation digital and mobile services.

Layer 1 PoA Blockchain

Embrace Decentralized Finance and Blockchain driven services - seamlessly and fast.

Web3 Platform

Enrich your digital portfolio with our white-label Web3 platform & services.

Web3 Development

Develop customized innovative dApps on a your dedicated Web3 tenant environment with zero-gas fee.

CBDC/Digital Assets Box

Central Bank Digital Currency and digital assets ensure instant and secure transactions, enhancing financial efficiency and accessibility.

Web3 APIs

Offer seamless access to
blockchain data, smart contracts, and decentralized applications, simplifying development and integration in the blockchain space.

Non-Custodial Wallet

Non-custodial wallets solutions give users full control over their assets and protect them from exchange hacks or third-party mishandling, enhancing security and trust in the DeFi.

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