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Reltime Developer Documentation


Welcome to Reltime's Developer Documentation! At Reltime, we are pioneering the future of financial technology using the power of blockchain, AI, and Web3 to create a more inclusive, secure, and innovative digital economy. Our platform leverages a Layer-1 Proof of Authority blockchain, designed to offer developers, businesses, and users a fast, secure, and highly scalable ecosystem for digital banking, payments, decentralized finance (DeFi), and more.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to democratize access to financial services across the globe, providing a robust, secure, and seamless platform for financial innovation. Whether you are looking to build next-generation fintech applications, integrate digital payment solutions, or explore the vast possibilities of DeFi, Reltime offers the tools, security, and infrastructure to bring your vision to life.

Locate Us


    Reltime AS

    Lilleakerveien 2C,

    0183 Oslo, Norway


    CRN: 995 022 656

  • Reltime AB

    Box 14055, 104 40 Stockholm


    Org. Nr: 559355-3588

  • Reltime Research Lab Private Limited 

    Karunaa Conclave, 3rd Fl, Shanthi Colony, Anna Nagar (Chennai), Egmore Nungambakkam, Chennai- 600040,

    Tamil Nadu, India.


    CRN: U62090TN2024PTC169414

  • B11Fond du sac road, the precinct M2 junction,

    Grand Baie, Mauritius 1305-02, 31301. Mauritius

Getting Started

Quickstart Guide

Get up and running with Reltime in minutes! This guide will walk you through setting up your development environment, installing necessary tools, and creating your first project with Reltime.

Installation and Setup

Dive deeper into the technical requirements and setup processes for integrating Reltime's technology into your projects.

Key Features and Performance Metrics

Transactions Per Second (TPS)

Reltime's blockchain is capable of processing up to 37,000 transactions per second, ensuring high throughput for applications of all sizes.

Block Time

With a block time of just 2 seconds, Reltime provides rapid transaction confirmation, enhancing user experience and efficiency.

No Gas Fee

Developers and users benefit from the elimination of gas fees, reducing the cost of deploying and interacting with smart contracts.

No Transaction Fee

Reltime offers a no transaction fee structure, promoting a more accessible and user-friendly environment for all participants.

API Offerings

With over 250 APIs available, Reltime provides extensive tools and resources for developers to create, innovate, and integrate advanced features into their applications.

Identity and KYC Built-In

Reltime incorporates built-in identity verification and KYC (Know Your Customer) processes, streamlining user onboarding and enhancing security.

Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Transactions

Facilitate direct P2P transactions within your applications, supported by Reltime's secure and efficient blockchain infrastructure.

API Reference

API Documentation

Our API documentation provides detailed information on Reltime's APIs, covering everything from wallet management to transaction processing. Each endpoint is thoroughly documented with request and response examples.

Check out the documentation here >

Core Concepts

Reltime Blockchain

Discover the power and flexibility of Reltime's Layer-1 Proof of Authority blockchain. Learn about its architecture, features, and how it supports high-speed transactions, low fees, and a scalable, secure environment for developers and users alike. Read the White Paper

Digital Wallets and Security

Understand the mechanics of Reltime's non-custodial digital wallets and our pioneering biometric security solutions. This section is crucial for developers looking to incorporate secure, user-friendly wallet functionality into their applications. Read the White Paper

Smart Contracts and Transactions

Explore the world of smart contracts and transactions on the Reltime blockchain. From creating and deploying smart contracts to handling transactions efficiently, this guide provides the foundation you need for smart contract development.

Example Projects

Get inspired by real-world applications built on the Reltime platform. These case studies showcase the diversity and potential of Reltime for fintech solutions, including P2P lending, digital banking, and merchant payment systems.

Tools and Resources

Development Tools

Discover the suite of development tools available to enhance your development process, including the Reltime Block Explorer. These tools are designed to help you monitor transactions, inspect blockchain data, and debug your applications effectively.

Community and Support

Join the vibrant Reltime developer community! This section provides information on how to connect with other developers, share knowledge, and find support. Links to forums, chat channels, and community guidelines are included.

Advanced Topics

Security Practices

Learn about best practices for ensuring the security of your applications on the Reltime platform. Topics covered include key management, smart contract auditing, and secure data handling.

Performance Optimization

Optimize the performance of your applications with tips on smart contract efficiency, transaction cost reduction, and scaling solutions. This guide is essential for developers looking to build high-performance applications on Reltime.


Find answers to frequently asked questions about developing with Reltime. This section addresses common technical and conceptual queries, providing clear, concise information to help developers navigate the Reltime ecosystem. See FAQs


We invite you to start building with Reltime, explore the possibilities of our platform, and contribute to a more inclusive and innovative digital economy. Whether you're developing fintech solutions, integrating blockchain technology, or exploring the frontiers of DeFi, Reltime provides the tools, security, and support to turn your ideas into reality.


Join us in shaping the future of finance.

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