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Payment Transfers

Reltime offers a fluid and seamless experience for users wishing to send and receive payments. With no boundaries to transacting, users can deposit or transfer any amount of money, both domestically and internationally, in real-time. Consumers send money as normal into their mobile wallet accounts via Proof of Deposit, Bank transfers, card payments. or bridge digital assets. The platform supports multiple joint accounts and currencies, facilitating easy transfers between users or merchants globally using a range of identifiers, including mobile phone numbers, QR codes, wallet addresses, or emails. These transfers can occur between peers (P2P), business-to-consumer (B2C), or business-to-business (B2B).

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Web3.0 Use Cases

As a technology company, Reltime only delivers its Web 3.0 platform and white label services to businesses (licenses banks, retailers, insurance companies, telecom operators etc.) enabling customers to integrate Web 3.0 enabled applications in their own portfolio and branded apps. Customers can also build their own applications and use cases on Reltime’s Layer-1 blockchain

Lending & Borrowing

Reltime provides a platform where consumers or businesses can set their preferred interest rates to lend money to a marketplace, selected companies, or individuals. The system maintains Transaction records meticulously, allowing users to lend directly from their phone contact list. The platform utilizes smart contract technology to send a loan offer to the recipient, who can accept or negotiate the terms by registering with Reltime if they still need to be users. This functionality supports P2P, B2C, and B2B lending models.

Loyalty Solutions

Reltime embraces the Web 3.0 era by delivering a dynamic loyalty, reward or other programs, enabling consumers and businesses to create, participate in, and manage customized loyalty or reward programs. Advanced algorithms parse through user preferences, transaction history, and shopping behavior to deliver personalized loyalty rewards and incentives. Users can acquire, manage, and redeem their loyalty points through their mobile wallets while transferring them across multiple platforms, courtesy of the interoperability feature of Web 3.0. This holistic ecosystem ensures transparency, security, and rapid processing of loyalty transactions.

Digital Banking

Reltime evolves as a robust, full-service digital banking platform. Users can initiate and manage various services, including opening accounts, balance management, setting up recurring payments, direct deposits, and even applying for financial products like loans and insurance.

This digital banking system is designed to be user-centric, ensuring users enjoy a seamless and intuitive experience, including features like mobile check deposits and online bill payments. Moreover, the blockchain-backed platform provides unrivalled security and data privacy.

Decentralized Exchange

Reltime houses a decentralized exchange (DEX) to facilitate peer-to-peer trading of digital assets, such as digital assets, tokens, and digital commodities. The DEX, designed on smart contract technology, allows users to control their funds during transactions, eliminating intermediaries and enhancing security. Its design supports automated market-making models, ensuring asset liquidity and efficient pricing. The platform's decentralization prevents manipulation, fostering a fair-trading environment

SWAP & Bridge

Reltime supports and makes available extensive array of major global currencies in its SuperApp. Users can instantly swap any money in any currency with other users. Once the forex swap is complete, users can send their fiat currency globally using a QR code, mobile phone number, email, wallet address, or IBAN/ACH. The bridging function allows users to transfer cryptocurrencies from external networks, like Ethereum or Bitcoin, into the Reltime network. The platform is also designed to be fully compliant with regulatory requirements such as Politically Exposed Persons (PEP), Anti-Money Laundering (AML), sanction checklists, and Know Your Customer (KYC) protocols.

While Web 3.0 ushers in substantial benefits and opportunities for users and businesses alike, it also introduces new considerations and challenges, especially in areas of security, data privacy.

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    Reltime Technology AS

    Lilleakerveien 2C,

    0183 Oslo, Norway


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    Tamil Nadu, India.


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